Infrared Sauna

Why use a Far Infrared Sauna?

Far Infrared Sauna therapy activates your body’s sweat glands, which are a very important tool of the body that eliminates toxins, making it one of the best mechanisms the body has for elimination. The skin is actually the largest organ of the human body and has the ability to discharge large amounts of waste material through the body’s sweat glands. Since Far Infrared heat penetrates deeply through the skin, it is able to reach the muscles, tendons and ligaments, joints and surrounding tissues, where it enhances blood circulation and promotes healing. Far Infrared Saunas can also help lower blood pressure, oxygenate cells, collagen repair, skin hydration, aid in weight loss, decrease pain and inflammation, help with heat tolerability, neuropathy treatments, and promote psychological and emotional well-being.  

Health Benefits:

Detoxification, relief from stress and fatigue, pain relief, weight loss, immune system, heart health, diabetes support, wound healing, improved circulation.

Cosmetic Benefits:

Healthier skin, anti-aging, decrease age spots, acne scar reduction, wrinkle reduction, stimulate collagen production, stimulate elastin (skin elasticity), decreased hair loss, improved varicose veins.

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