The Cryo & Chiro Wellness Center team offers cryotherapy, chiropractic care, and physiotherapy (rehab) to help eliminate your chronic pain in Denton, TX, and the Lake Cities area. Dr. Jerone Bailey has the experience to help you live pain-free. He specializes in carpal tunnel, upper and lower extremity adjustment, spinal rehabilitation, and post-injury rehabilitation, using cryotherapy as a key aspect of treatment.

What is cryotherapy?
Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) involves standing in a “cryochamber” for three minutes. During this process, a person is exposed to a liquid nitrogen cooled environment in subzero temperatures, typically between -240 and -250 degrees Fahrenheit. Patients are required to wear minimal clothing in the chamber, which can only include things like socks, gloves, and approved underwear. The chamber will contain most of your body, but your head and neck will be above the chamber. While WBC is safe, it is not recommended for people with severe high blood pressure, heart conditions, pregnant women, or children under 11.

What should I expect from treatment?
WBC therapy has been widely used to relieve a variety of symptoms following injury including inflammation, pain, muscle spasms and swelling. These injuries can be either acute or chronic and often include injuries from overuse. Benefits of WBC work at a deeper level that accelerates and multiplies recovery response on several levels including muscle recovery, increased athletic performance, endocrine function, and hormone profile, boost antioxidants, and an anti-inflammatory response. Some studies have shown WBC to help you feel better mentally, addressing feelings of anxiety or depression.

Call (940) 497-3562 to schedule an appointment at Cryo & Chiro Wellness Center in Denton, TX. Dr. Bailey will use all his experience to give you the best possible customized treatment plan for your healthcare needs.

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